The Always Amazing Randi

The Amazing Randi performed in Richmond in 1975. He was hung by his ankles, upside down, locked in a strait-jacket, from the Eiffel Tower at King’s Dominion.

He’s not doing much escape magic anymore. The amazing James Randi is dealing with cancer, and eventually he won’t be able to escape.

Nevertheless, he remains a vibrant and vital enemy to pseudoscience and psychic charlatans everywhere, easily recognizing and publicizing their tricks as parlor magic.

It was watching him on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that got me interested in the purity of knowledge, and the science that creates stage magic — which is perverted by those who claim psychic powers and then charge for their services. It was Randi who taught me the value of being a skeptic.

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

Read about him. Learn what he’s done, from debunking the crap of Uri Gellar to exposing the religious lies and tricks of evangelist Peter Popoff. Start with this recent article, and then move on.

Stop believing the bullshit.

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