My new novel, Ghostflowers, has will be published on July 8 by JournalStone Publishing LLC. For the last few years, I have copyedited books and RPGs, such as Edgar Rice Burroughs 100-Year Art Chronology, Codex Egyptium, and Player’s Guide to Airdhe, all for Troll Lord Games. My most recent novella, “In the Mountains of Frozen Fire,” was published in the July/August 2013 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. “Puppy Love Land” was published in the April, 1996 F&SF, and the story was later nominated as Best Novella on the Preliminary Ballot for the Horror Writers of America awards. I was also the pseudonymous author of three novels for TSR Books: Spelljammer: The Ultimate Helm, Dungeon of Fear, and Castle of the Undead. Spelljammer made the Waldenbooks bestseller list. Since 1983, My nonfiction has been published in such magazines as Omni, Premiere, Gauntlet, and Storyboard, and in newspapers and regional magazines. I’ve participated in writing workshops with Harlan Ellison, Brian Aldiss, Gene Wolfe, and Kate Wilhelm. A spec teleplay got me in the door at Star Trek: The Next Generation, where I pitched story ideas four times. My literary agent is Anne Tibbets at Donald Maass Literary Agency, who keeps reminding me that there’s only one space between sentences these days. Go figure.