The Return of Hammer Horror, but NOT the return of Hammer Horror


Okay, so Hammer Films died back in the mid-’70s–the cinema home of icons Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing–and then was reborn as a tv show, “House of Hammer,” on BBC. Then the brand languished until the late 2000s, when a rejuvenated studio with new owners produced Let Me In and The Woman in Black.

While that studio is still in the business of making scary movies, there are other creators who are infusing their works with the blood and sexual vitality of the Hammer spirit.  I count myself and the novel I just finished, Ghostflowers, among them; but this amazing trailer captures the best and the worst of the true Hammer spirit in vintage style.  I feel like I’m watching a movie in the drive-in again.

I can’t wait to see THE LOVE WITCH.