The American Taliban

The party that lost the 2008 National elections is getting crazier and crazier in their zeal to usurp the lawfully elected President and Congress.  The Tea Baggers want to take our country back — and that’s about all they ever say.  Not that the country has been stolen from us, but that’s how they look at it: a black guy is in charge —

— he just can’t be “one of us,” so he must be evil, he must be godless, he must be an alien; the suits in power want to tax us and take away our guns, dogs and cats will be living together . . .

So in response to a moderate black democrat in charge, the rich, angry white guys — and their, simply put, crazy as batshit female tea baggers —

— will do or say anything to destroy the American political system: the system that they say works like a charm when they’re in charge (yeah, remember the Bush years?) but somehow, magically, that same system is completely broken when they’re out of power in D.C.

“Poor, poor pitiful me!” the far-right non-thinkers whine.  They rattle the bars of their invisible cage —

— gnash their fifes and drums, hide behind the cross and the flag, and, also, hang our President in effigy.

Very, very Christian of them.

The tea-bagging whiners are nothing more than sore losers.  Their ideology is as crazed, as zealous, and as dangerous as the beliefs of Islamic extremists: race-based, religion-fueled, loud, stupid and violently furious.

In an essay, “The Down Side of Stupidity,” Robert J. Elisberg recently wrote:

. . . by “stupid” I don’t mean simply disagreeing with an opinion. (The “Oh, that’s just stupid” gambit.) I mean actually stupid. Thinking you can fly and stepping off a building to prove it. Buying a set of steak knives for your five-year-old. Like that. Like when one blindly accepts something against all known and rational evidence that has no basis in reality.

Believing that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, that is stupid.
Believing that Barack Obama is a Muslim, that is stupid.
Believing that Barack Obama might be a terrorist, that is stupid.
Believing that Barack Obama is comparable to Adolf Hitler, that is pathetically stupid.
Believing that Barack Obama is a Socialist, that is stupid.
Believing that Barack Obama is like Hitler and a Socialist – two completely opposite concepts – that is incredibly stupid.
Stupid. Like that.
Literally stupid.

The American Taliban wears a tri-cornered turban.

Here are a few articles you may not have seen.  This one makes a very valid point about the American Taliban, and how their hatred of knowledge and reason — closely combined with their religious fervor — threatens to turn America into a nation of thug-like ignorance.  The next article?  Well, I’ll just quote the headline:New Tea Party study: Glenn Beck is an “educator” and the most highly regarded individual.  Seriously.

Finally: Who funded Hillary’s vast conspiracy?  You know — the one not even liberals wanted to believe existed.  It was these guys.


Looks Like the Tea Parties Backfired

And they have no one to blame it on but themselves and the far right, whacked out fringe.

“While the anti-tax sentiment of the protests may have been sincere, the images pulled from the events have often been offensive, embarrassing, or politically problematic.

“It is a development that has tripped up the GOP before. The rallies outside McCain-Palin events included some of the same bile that was seen at the tea parties: charges of fascism, terrorism and other malicious criticisms leveled at Barack Obama. And it did the Republican ticket little good in its efforts to bring moderate voters to the cause.”

Here’s the column at the Huffington Post.


The Peasants are STILL Revolting

Wow! Not only are the airwaves filled with know-nothing commentators saying the word “teabag” repeatedly, but this manufactured revolt by Fox News and a couple of conservative think tanks are really forcing some good writing out of the liberals. There are benefits, after all!

Go here for a great — and truthful — piece on how conservatives make up America’s peasant class, and go here to read how insane these “teabaggers” really are . . . because their taxes are getting lower.

UPDATED: The Truth about the Tea Parties

On the heels of my first post today, here is an enlightening series of photos from the Washington DC “Tea Party,” which was supposed to be all about “the people” revolting against Obama’s tax policies.

Well, the people are certainly revolting.

Please observe from the photo evidence that these rallies across the country, not promoted by Fox News, have far less to do about protesting Obama’s taxes than they do about protesting Obama, the man.

Conservatives are afraid of him, because he’s a Democrat, he’s a strong man, and he’s black. They’re more afraid of him than they were either of the two Clintons.

It’s all about fear, and Obama is a symbol. They’re afraid because he stands for something, chief among them: the conservatives are not in control.

What’s the right wing going to do, eight years from now, if Obama’s policies truly work? I just don’t think they’ll say, “We got it all wrong. Our bad.”

Nope. I think they’ll be madder because they’ll be proven wrong — just look at how mad they are because they lost the election.

I think they’ll just keep trying to force their agenda for control of America down our throats. I think they’ll hide behind God and the flag and the lies of higher taxes, socialism, fascism, and anti-Americanism.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Truth and freedom, however, are not promoted by Fox News.

UPDATE: I just found this essay about an hour after I posted my blog, and I urge you to read it. The writer comes to the same conclusions I do, but this guy is much smarter. Read it here.