Why I love the weirdness that is Florida

There was not, in my opinion, a more exotic city in America than Miami. …I suppose it was a combination of stuff. The old palm-lined avenues, the marinas popping up everywhere, the Art Deco buildings, the Meditteranean mansions, the stone crabs, The Grove, The Gables, the ethnic mix, the cups of molten amphetamine that passed for coffee, the luxury of late drinking hours if you so desired, the Caribbean thing, the hurricane thing. The air had something to do with it. Miami’s air was uncommonly soft and yet it was somehow stirred with a scent of mystery and mischief.
• Randy Wayne White
The Heat Islands

Who . . . could doubt that Miami is a true Aleph — one of those bright, dark infinite points where, if we look closely enough, we can see everything and anything, including ourselves?
• T. D. Allman
Miami: City of the Future

The vampires came out at night and the old people triple-locked their doors and waited for morning. Ass-end of Miami Beach down here.
• Elmore Leonard

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