Magazines are Dying, Too?

Mark Evanier, a comedy writer in LA, has a blog which I go to every day. I’ve never met him, but he seems a gentle soul, and extremely smart, and highly knowledgeable in ways I cannot explain. Go to his website and see for yourself.

In a post about MAD Magazine and its near future, Mark references “a general and growing disinterest in this country in the basic concept of buying magazines of any kind.”

Sadly, I believe this to be true; and even more importantly, I believe it to be true about ANY kind of concept of pay-per-hit Internet magazines . . . which includes newspapers.

But Mark’s post is about MAD . . . which of course is much more important than a newspaper.

Seriously: there are a thousand or more newspapers.

Name more than four existing humor magazines.

Seriously, besides MAD, can you name another?

I’m mad about MAD.