VA’s Ken Cuccinelli: Crazier Than You Think

Here’s a blog I go to everyday — it’s by Ed Brayton, a scientist, skeptic, writer, and kick ass poker player.  His blog daily chronicles the craziness that’s coming out of Idiot Washington, which thereby foments the far-righteous indignation and mouth-frothing fury of the troops of Idiot America.  This particular blogpost is all about our new Attorney general in Virginia, who seems be living somewhere on the far-right border of insanity.

Randy Forbes, Congressional Idiot

Ed Brayton is a good writer. Even more importantly, he believes in rational thinking, and vehemently calls out stupidity when he sees it. That’s one reason I have a link to his blog, DISPATCHES FROM THE CULTURES WARS, over there to the right. He calls ’em like he sees ’em, and I respect that.

I also have little tolerance for fools, or for bullies, and Virginia’s own elected official, Randy Forbes, Congressman from Chesapeake, has for the second year in a row decided to proudly proclaim his arrogance and ignorance to the public at large.

Read Ed Brayton’s blog here to get the whole scoop about this year’s call to return to the days of the early 18th century. You can go here to read about Randy’s futile efforts last year to do basically the same thing: to bully Americans around.

And remember:

When comparing science to religion, I tell my students: Religion gave you 9/11, takes your money every Sunday and wastes part of your weekend . . . science gave you antibiotics, iPods and cellphones. Take your pick.
Clint Harper, Physics and Astronomy teacher, Moorpark College