Ken Kookinutti is wrong again

Virginia’s rabid right-wing attorney general makes the uninformed and factually-challenged claim that “the new law’s provisions that require individuals to carry health insurance violate the Constitution because ‘at no time in our history has the government mandated its citizens buy a good or service.’”

The facts at this web site prove our whack-job AG to be wrong.

What it all means is that the Republicans, in the wake of the passage of the health care bill, are throwing temper tantrums, determined not to let the Democrats or the President win — thus making all Americans lose (except for the wealthy, whom they’re trying to protect).

Don’t believe me?  Check this out.

The Good Ol’ Republican Bait and Switch

You should read this piece by Gene Lyons over in Salon.  It’s all about Republican fundraising scams — which also, it appears, is how they foment right-wing furor with their true-believer base.  As any good grifter knows, every scam has a mark — the simple, unsuspecting target from whom money shall soon be parted.  In this case, the Republican mark is, basically, the people of America:

The key to raising cash from small donors, according to a PowerPoint presentation given by RNC operatives Rob Bickhart and Peter Terpeluk at a retreat in Boca Grande, Fla., is to dazzle them with scare talk about “Socialism,” images of President Obama as “the Joker,” Nancy Pelosi as “Cruella de Vil” and other bright, shiny objects. The idea is to exploit “visceral” emotions, “fear” and “extreme negative feelings” toward Obama.

Unfortunately, their tactics are working.  Pelosi is hated by many, including some of my friends, who know nothing about her, and, in all honesty, can’t even spell her name correctly.  The President — well, you can see for yourself how reactionary and insane — should I mention racist? — the right-wing’s feelings are.

It’s a shame there aren’t any facts to back up their crazy beliefs.

I think it’s about time everyone took a good look at the Republican smear machine.  To defeat the enemy — and the current GOP is not the enemy of Democrats or Liberals: it’s the enemy of all Americans who aren’t rich or industrialists — we must know them, first.

Then, we have to use their tactics against them.  It’s war . . . and it’s a war they’ve started against regular people like us.

"President Obama Is Driving Republicans Insane"

There are three websites I go to every day. The Drudge Report, for the conservative slant on news; the Huffington Post, for the liberal slant; and Fark, for the wild, weird, unexpurgated truth.

This guy, Bob Cesca, a writer and blogger on HuffPo, does something that is beyond me. He writes smart and funny at the same time. When I try that, I just get a headache, and fat little Rush Limbaughs swim cartoon-like around my head, urging me to eat a Twinkie.

This is his latest post, and it’s great. It’s politicians and commentators at their craziest.

I love it.