Retro Superboy

I found this beautiful piece by Michael Cho on a couple of sites today – it’s the cover of a new hardbound collection of Superboy comics from the 1940s.  The composition, the colors, the red wagon, the antiquated design of Superboy’s shorts — it captures perfectly a lost, impossible era of innocence and nostalgia.  It’s the era every kid lived in when he started collecting comics.

And the pup, probably a nod to Krypto, is simply wonderful.

Personally: keep the stories.  I’d rather have a framed print of this, instead.


As a lifelong Batfan, I had to watch the new Batman movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood, via On Demand as soon as it was released.  It’s animated, produced by pretty much the same team that brought the original Batman Animated Series to TV in 1991 . . . and it’s gorgeous.

It is a great showcase for new writers, as it can be used in comparison with the comic book storylines that this film was based on to show how to make a long and involved story work far, far better than the originals.  You can read all about it here in this i09 review — which I agree with 100%.

May the Bat signal shine forever!

Not even Superman can save the newspaper

. . . but at least DC Comics will be putting newsprint to good use.

My roommate in grad school once told me that a daily newspaper that printed only sports and comics would be the biggest newspaper in the world. So far, no one has done that. There is a sports-only weekly . . . and now DC is coming out with a weekly series of comics in a newspaper, Wednesday Comics. The first issue will be available in comic book shops on July 8.

Here’s the USAToday story.