UPDATED: The Truth about the Tea Parties

On the heels of my first post today, here is an enlightening series of photos from the Washington DC “Tea Party,” which was supposed to be all about “the people” revolting against Obama’s tax policies.

Well, the people are certainly revolting.

Please observe from the photo evidence that these rallies across the country, not promoted by Fox News, have far less to do about protesting Obama’s taxes than they do about protesting Obama, the man.

Conservatives are afraid of him, because he’s a Democrat, he’s a strong man, and he’s black. They’re more afraid of him than they were either of the two Clintons.

It’s all about fear, and Obama is a symbol. They’re afraid because he stands for something, chief among them: the conservatives are not in control.

What’s the right wing going to do, eight years from now, if Obama’s policies truly work? I just don’t think they’ll say, “We got it all wrong. Our bad.”

Nope. I think they’ll be madder because they’ll be proven wrong — just look at how mad they are because they lost the election.

I think they’ll just keep trying to force their agenda for control of America down our throats. I think they’ll hide behind God and the flag and the lies of higher taxes, socialism, fascism, and anti-Americanism.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Truth and freedom, however, are not promoted by Fox News.

UPDATE: I just found this essay about an hour after I posted my blog, and I urge you to read it. The writer comes to the same conclusions I do, but this guy is much smarter. Read it here.

Limbaugh’s Dirty Little Secret of Radio "Success"

One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.
• Bertrand Russell

President Obama has not yet been in office 100 days, and so far — according to every conservative mouthpiece on television and radio — his every act is a crime against America.

The right wing has fired attacks on everything from Michelle wearing the same outfit more than once, to mocking the new puppy for the Obama girls. The television mouthpiece for the strident right wing, Fox News, has helped take part in organizing “tea parties” today across the country, in order to foment not just distrust of the government — frankly, I was MUCH more distrustful of the government under the Republican regimes of Nixon, Reagan, and the Bush babies — but to create ratings for their network. And a recent report that concluded that far-right extremists can be dangerous is being deliberately misconstrued by Conservatives that the Obama government will soon become Big Brother . . . I guess that’s a “Little Brother” to W’s Big Brother that was monitoring phone calls, torturing suspects . . .

Here, read “DC Tea Party Protesters Agree: ‘Chairman Maobama’ Is Leading The Country On A Path To Socialism” and “Scarborough: Obama Is ‘More Focused On Targeting Veterans’ Than Fighting Al Qaeda” if you don’t believe me. And take note of all the happy, smiling people. They’re not protesting anything — they’re ecstatic they’re finally getting their own 15 minutes of fame on tv.

Right wing radio still remains a chief culprit in the Conservative War for Control of America. Here’s a short yet insightful piece on one primary reason much of America listens to Rush Limbaugh: because there’s nothing else on . . .

Empty minds, filled with nothing more than empty-headed blather . . .

And the Right Wing Propaganda Machine keeps rolling.

"President Obama Is Driving Republicans Insane"

There are three websites I go to every day. The Drudge Report, for the conservative slant on news; the Huffington Post, for the liberal slant; and Fark, for the wild, weird, unexpurgated truth.

This guy, Bob Cesca, a writer and blogger on HuffPo, does something that is beyond me. He writes smart and funny at the same time. When I try that, I just get a headache, and fat little Rush Limbaughs swim cartoon-like around my head, urging me to eat a Twinkie.

This is his latest post, and it’s great. It’s politicians and commentators at their craziest.

I love it.