Buster update

Right now, because of the steroids and meds, Buster is doing great — he’s almost his old, grouchy, cocker, Alpha Dog self. He barked at a Rottweiler five times his size, trying to boss him around. Today is his birthday, so Maria and I took him two McDonald’s hamburgers which he scarfed down piece by piece, I’m sure without tasting. The hard part will be tomorrow — he’ll get a CAT scan in the a.m., then most probably go into surgery. I know Maria will want to be there for him as much as possible, but this damn this 8-12 inches of snow they’re calling for isn’t going to help us get there.

Temporarily closed

My cocker spaniel, Buster, collapsed onto the kitchen floor shortly after dinner last night, and Maria and I have been going to and from the Emergency Vet in Carytown ever since. He’s doing better today — ambulatory and hungry, definitely wanting to leave and go home with us — but he has a mass in one of his sinuses that has to be diagnosed via CAT scan on Monday, and then surgically removed.

Needless to say, as the stoplight signifies, I won’t be blogging until he’s relatively safe, and Maria and I aren’t stressed like this.

See ya,