“…mad, bad and dangerous to know.”
Lady Caroline Lamb

“I cried for madder music, and for stronger wine.”
Ernest Dowson

Welcome to Rusty’s Timeless Tiki Bar and Fictioneering Factory, where you can thrill to tales of adventure, mystery, intrigue and other worlds both unreal and way too real, and relive soft memories of ragtop days, cabernet nights and hot summer dreams . . .

Rusty is what my friends call me, but Harlan Ellison once yelled at me in a writing workshop, “Nobody’ll read anything by a guy named Rusty! It’s a kid’s name!” I couldn’t disagree with him, so Rus was created simply as a cheap marketing tool. My latest story, “In the Mountains of Frozen Fire,” was published in the July/August, 2013 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. A novella, “Puppy Love Land,” was published in the April, 1996 F&SF, and was later nominated as Best Novella on the Preliminary Ballot for the Horror Writers of America awards. I’m also the pseudonymous author of Spelljammer: The Ultimate HelmDungeon of Fear, and Castle of the Undead, all published by TSR Books way back in the dim, dark, big hair ’90s. Spelljammer even made the Waldenbooks bestseller list…for one whole month. Since 1983, I’ve been published in such magazines as Omni, Premiere, Gauntlet, and Storyboard, and in newspapers and regional magazines. I’ve participated in writing workshops with Ellison, Brian Aldiss, Gene Wolfe, and Kate Wilhelm. A spec teleplay was good enough to get me in the door at Star Trek: The Next Generation, where I pitched story ideas four times. I’ve acted on the Discovery Channel in The New Detectives, although I was never credited. Somehow, though, Buddy the Beagle got a credit. NBD.

My agent is working on selling my latest finished novel, The Enigma Club. Right now, I am writing a supernatural romance, Ghostflowers.  I worked in marketing and advertising for eighteen years at three newspapers and won several awards for my presentation skills and ad campaigns. I live in central Virginia with my wife, Maria, and a large, wonderful, furry family.  A cold, wet nose is a wonderful way to say, I love you.



Andrew Zack
The Zack Company

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