Today’s Musical Interlude

While writing my current novel-in-progress, Ghostflowers, I needed a slow song for a scene where my main character is a little lonely and needs some music that touches her soul.  It’s 1971, and by accident she found an album a year before in the bargain bin at J. M. Fields, a long-defunct department store chain.  (It’s details like this that make a novel become real.  I’m telling you where she bought the record, although I don’t even mention it in the novel.  But I know how she found it…)  It’s this song, performed on film by The Commitments, that she plays…here originally performed by James Carr.  I think it captured the mood I needed perfectly; and if/when Ghostflowers is published, I’ll get on YouTube and create the soundtrack for the novel, filled with songs like The Dark End of the Street–songs that evoke memories of times lost, kisses stolen, and hearts broken.

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