How to Publish your own eBook

Thanks to the kind people at Magbook in London, I have the single best and most beautiful guide I can find on how to become your own e-publisher.

How to Publish your own eBook is a glorified magazine — I found it originally on the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble — but for its slim size at only 114 pages, it tells prospective self-publishers exactly — and I mean exactly — what to do to get their ebooks into iPads, Nooks, Kindles, and other e-readers.

Writer Nik Rawlinson has written a thorough, yet easy to follow e-publishing handbook that is filled with full color photos, screencaps, and detailed instructions that explore the e-phenomenon from before you even put down the first word of your opus.  He gives concise directions for publishing in five different formats, using Sigil, Scrivener, InDesign, QuarkExpress, and iBook Authors.  He goes on to explore the options on selling books through Amazon and other distributors, even going so far as explaining ways to design your covers, format your pages (without images, because they take up too much memory in ereaders), and even how to set up your own publishing empire.  The final chapter speaks about self-promotion and your presence on the web — both of which are absolutely imperative for your books to get the exposure they need.

Look in your local bookstores for comparable guidebooks to e-publishing, but I sincerely doubt you’ll find a better handbook than this.

Order it here.

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