The Bullshit of Cuccinelli

Here.  Watch this.  Then let’s talk.

Okay, kiddos.  Let’s try and see behind the fake Steve Martin shit-eating grin and view the creature for what it really is.

Anybody else struck by how much this corporate tool sounds like a good democrat, instead of the tea-bagger he actually is?

Ah, the magic of marketing.  We, the people, are sick and tired of the right-wing shenanigans and hatred that embody the House, and that has spread to the conservative bastions of governors’ mansions under the yoke of big business interests.

So here comes the Cooch, telling us what we want to hear — equality, justice, and jobs for all — with no intention of delivering anything but our money and his own soul to his corporate masters.

“An engine for job growth?”  Please.  The right-wing has zero interest in helping American families.  Their laws and practices have taken our money and jobs away, in favor of helping American big business.  Legislation to deregulate the phone systems, the airline industries, energy corporations have led to fees and surcharges out the ass, no matter how much the people struggle to make ends meet.

Thanks, Cooch, for nothing.

“End tax loopholes.”  Yeah.  Not gonna happen. The right-wing wants tax loopholes to help big business, and to keep the donations coming.  Power=money=power, don’t you know, and that’s why . . .

“Put an end to special interest giveaways” is just a vomit-spew, intended to sound good to the gullible (us, he believes) but is transparent to his Overlords of Greed.  How does one know this?  Research.  Paying attention.  Watching actions instead of listening to words:

The Koch brothers’ special interest money machine is raising cash for Cooch’s campaign.  Want more proof?  All this, even after the Koch Special Interest Money Machine already gave him half a million.

Here’s something you may not have seen:

Cuccinelli accepted about $200,000 from energy companies and executives. These included:
1. Murray Energy Corporation, $50,000
2t. CONSOL Energy Inc., $25,000
2t. Dominion Political Action Committee (Dominion Resources, Inc.), $25,000
4t. Marvin Gilliam (retired VP of Cumberland Resources Corp.), $25,000
4t. Koch Industries Inc., $25,000
6t. American Electric Power Committee for Responsible Government (American Electric Power), $10,000
6t. William B. Holtzman (president and owner of Holtzman Oil), $10,000
6t. Range Resources Corporation, $10,000
9t. Thomas Farrell (CEO of Dominion Resources, Inc.), $5,000
9t. Michael G. Morris (President and CEO of American Electric Power), $5,000
9t. Baxter F. Phillips Jr. (an executive with Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.), $5,000
9t. Clyde E. Stacy (an executive with Pioneer Group/Rapoca Energy.), $5,000
Between these donations and the RGA’s funds, about half of Cuccinelli’s contributions over the reporting period were tied to oil, gas, and coal.   SOURCE

I smell smoke mixed with shit, because somebody’s pants are on fire.

“Use those savings to cut taxes for those who’ve earned it: job-creating small businesses and middle class families.”  Sure, sure.  You mean the same goals of President Obama?  The same goals Cooch’s comrades in the Washington Gulag have been blocking since 2007?  Here’s the truth about your taxes and mine: they’re the lowest they’ve been in 60 years, thanks to President Obama.  The Cooch will allow them to be raised . . . and the revenue will be dispersed to Big Business in the guise of tax breaks, incentive funds . . . and the loopholes Cooch promises to eliminate.

“The powerful and well-connected already get their breaks.”  Yes, they do. And the blind obstructionism against the President’s goals and policies will make sure that justice for all is perverted into justice for the rich.

“I’l be on your side.”  Yeah.  Well, I’ll let this piece walk me out, and maybe it will give you a holistic glimpse at the government the Cooch really wants in our state, and throughout the rest of our country.

And remember, he tried to censor the seal of the Virginia State Seal because it has a boobie on it.

A boobie.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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