Magic and Imagery #5

Although the age of the dinosaurs was of course long over before the dawn of humanity, the co-existence of dinosaurs and humans has been a frequent flight of the imagination in these fantasy films. This trend peaked in 1966 with legendary British studio Hammer Films’ 100th movie One Million Years BC (a remake of the 1940 effort) still unsurpassed as the ultimate piece of prehistoric-themed pop culture. Indeed the rather silly movie became something of a phenomenon in the sexual revolution of the 1960s, when its poster of fur bikini clad cave girl Raquel Welch became a pin-up and elevated the actress to true sex-symbol status. The film went on to become one of Hammer’s biggest hits, especially in America, and the centerpiece of a mini-sub-genre of erotic, teasing fantasy adventures that included She and the later Prehistoric Women.


Magic and Imagery — book covers, posters, art — fondly-remembered icons that once evoked mysteries and emotions within my savage breast, and that still resonate with the echoes of tales wondrous and well-told.

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