A Bookshelf for your Bookshelf

Do you like reading? Is it the characters? The literature? The writing? The stories? Or . . . Do you love . . . Books?

Books, as physical objects, can approach Art. And if you’re a biblioholic like me, you’ve probably bought at least a couple of books not for their contents, but because of their cover art.

And then, how to display these pieces of art in a manner worthy of their literary — and artistic — merit? The answer is here, in Bookshelf, a gorgeous, full color art book celebrating book porn at its finest…because it’s not just about the books, but it’s also about the sheer beauty of their physical forms.

This picture book is filled with bookcase after bookcase, each one stretching creativity and the standard form of the shelf into something new and fascinating.  Some are quite impractical, yet most are aesthetically gorgeous.

Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

Time to buy a saw and a glue gun and get to work.

Order it here.

2 thoughts on “A Bookshelf for your Bookshelf

  1. Remember how The Band sang, “Someday I'll Paint My Masterpiece”?
    Well, someday I'm going to build bookshelves that look…permanent. Not out of leftovers.


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