The Dark Side of Disney

For those of who have sneaked flasks of booze into Disney’s Magic Kingdom, or layered a six-pack at the bottom of a purse and have enjoyed a few cold ones at hidden spots in Adventureland, this book is for you.
The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey is the guidebook that the suits in Disney’s world don’t want you to read . . . and that’s exactly why you should read it.  It’s perfect for the Disney lover who is more grown-up than kid-oriented — those who have a rock and roll rebel (wearing technicolor mouse ears, of course) hidden in their souls.
Rumor has it that some Disney execs bought a few copies so they could plug holes in their security.  Good luck — there are always ways around corporate blockades, especially if Disney fans are really determined to find the not-so-hidden entrances to the utilidors underneath the Magic Kingdom, or the best places to enjoy a little SOP (sex on property), where to find free food, how to sneak into the parks, and even how to bake pot-laced peanut butter crackers if you need to get high while you’re talking with Goofy.
The Dark Side of Disney is a fun little book that will feed your rebel soul.
Just don’t get kicked out of the parks, okay?

Order it here.

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