My Bud, Shecky

Meet my bud, Mike Speller.  I call him Shecky.
We’ve been friends now for twenty years — You believe that, Mikey? — since the days I was a regular at the Adventurers Club in Orlando, and Mike was one of their first and best actors; and although we’re separated by miles, I know we’re connected through our foul, telltale hearts.
Mike is a professional actor, having performed in tv’s Welcome Freshman and in such films as Passenger 57 and my personal favorite, The Night Becomes CharlieBecame Charlie?  Can’t remember.  His role in that fine film was “Man in Road.”  Oscar-worthy work.  Check it out on Netflix.
Today Mike is a professional storyteller, wandering around the semi-frigid climes of Chicago and the midwest like a zombieified Jack London.  You can go to his site here and see all about him, or even book him for a performance.  But this post is all about Mike’s newest venture: blogging.
If you’d like insight into acting, comedy, storytelling, or if you’d just like to get to know an all-around nice guy who’s also one of the most intelligent guys I’ve ever met, he’s posting here on Blogspot.  He’s way too modest, but throw him a cookie, and maybe he’ll tell you about the time he, Darin DePaul and I helped an adventurer save Christmas.
Santa still owes us.

2 thoughts on “My Bud, Shecky

  1. Heya

    You caught two of my 4 fave writers–Poe & London. You must know me! I appreciate the shout-out, though I'm presently puzzling the next blog's contents. Theme, check; topic, check; Contents?? Waiter? Check, please!


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