Here’s a brilliant but BRIEF RANT by Bret Victor, a guy who knows his way around graphic user interfaces.  His thesis is that our current wave of handheld devices, as exemplified by ereaders, smartphones and tablet computers, is merely a sidestep in a technological evolution that actually leaves out a valuable part of human experience.

It’s justification, as far as I’m concerned, that what I’ve said for a few years now will become the future — the future of books.  Victor doesn’t come right out and say it, but the point of his essay is, ultimately, the reason that books will never be replaced, no matter how many varieties of ereaders eventually tsunami the market.

Books, simply, work.

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  1. Yet the future comes using remote controls and microwaves and cell phones and the tactile approach of using hands requires KY jelly. Grow up to the future or at least the present. Printing is too expensive and will die.


  2. When the power dwindles down, we'll be lucky to have books (those that aren't burned with the furniture for heat, that is). If you have a match, a candle and a book, you'll have a little comfort.
    During the recent snowstorm, we couldn't recharge batteries and were out of D-cells for the flashlight: a little foreshadowing.


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