Rec-i-pes from Boy-ar-dee

I didn’t know what to expect from a cookbook by the granddaughter of the famous/infamous Chef Boy-ar-dee family, but now that we’ve tried it out, the book is KILLER.

It’s Delicious Memories by Anna Boiardi and Stephanie Lyness.

So.  You guess who provided the recipes, and then guess who actually wrote the book.

Forget roni, beefaroni, noodleroni, shitaroni.  This is an incredible cookbook by the big guy’s granddaughter and Stephanie Lyness, who knows a lot more about good food for the American family than the megacorpconglomeranationalbizshizzle that bought them out years ago.

Nice family, nice history, nice recipes.  The recipe for Bucatini Amatricana with Roma tomatoes and bacon is worth the price of the book.  Enjoy it with a Sangiovese around $10 a bottle.  EXXXcellent!


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