News and Views (to Peruse, Use and Abuse)

I thought I would do this on a weekly basis, maybe call it my Freakend News Update.  But apparently I see a lot more out there than I ever knew . . .

The true story of the darkest exoplanet found (so far).

The GOP’s Ten New Commandments.  It’s nice to know that the American people come first, as usual.  Insert irony here ____.

My novel, The Enigma Club, is heavily influenced by the pulp magazines and stories from 1911-1953, primarily the tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  There are a lot of pulp resources on the Internet, but Coming Attractions keeps me informed every week of new books and products coming out — more than I was ever aware of before.  Check it out.  Buy something. 

Stupid people don’t realize they’re stupid.  Sure, that’s something a lot of us have thought about before, but where’s the proof?  And am I stupid for even thinking such a thing? 

Looks like I’m going to be busy this coming weekend.  Five great tiki cocktails to try! (Sorry, it’s a slideshow) 

Romney, Palin and Paul: complete, unadulterated, certified idiots

If you love creative nonfiction that’s as long as the story demands — I mean, the longer, the better — then longform is for you. 

Now, I LOVE me a good ghost story . . . but I’m smart enough to know that shows like “Ghost Adventures” stretch the truth a tad too much.  I mean, come on.  You knew that, too.  Right?  Right? 

This guy Paul Krugman is pretty smart.  Sound advice on why we should ignore the GOP-manufactured Debt Crisis and instead concentrate on solving the GOP-created Jobs Crisis

Eerie pictures of Six Flags in New Orleans, in the long aftermath of Katrina.  Spooky stuff.  “The pleasure of ruins . . .”

Three losers on a joy ride.  The chick’s a stripper.  They’re proud to be rednecks.  “Criminal behavior is a Dougherty family tradition. Ryan, the youngest at 21, has 14 felony arrests for everything from burglary to a hit-and-run to texting an 11-year-old girl more than 200 sexually explicit messages. Grace, the eldest at 29, is a perennial hit-and-run offender and perhaps as a hint of what was to come, she viciously fought police when arrested. Once she tried to bite a police officer, and another time she head-butted a state trooper—after she was handcuffed.”  Sweet girl. 

A bunch of reasons why I despise all homeowners’ associations — and the dumb asses who think they’re wonderful.  What a bunch of tools. 

2 thoughts on “News and Views (to Peruse, Use and Abuse)

  1. Aaargh! Homeowners' Associations! They're always taken over by control freaks. Our “officers” write into the rules any dumbass thing they want (at a cost to us of about $200 a word, once it's filed with the township), even that we can now be fined for “opposing their work,” which is so vague it has no legal standing.


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