Notes About "Network"

Network is an unparalleled skewering of American television and society.  It was released in 1976, and although slight aspects of the film seem a little dated today, the film’s heart still beats strongly, and says a lot about today’s television that Paddy Chayefsky could only imagine . . . and successfully, I might add.
The New York Times has an article all about Chayefsky’s preliminary notes for Network and they give an amazing insight to a writer’s creative process.  I don’t know if this material is enough to make a book out of, but I’d love to read it.

2 thoughts on “Notes About "Network"

  1. It is true the “watergate/nam” adventures inspired people to mindlessly stare at the tube without understanding the confusion or anger building in the news. Once Nixon waves his V-sign before leaving, double knit and disco took over like a commercial. And news, like your fiction, will present the message in whatever form the PEOPLE want. Marketing 101


  2. Mr. Beale would be speechless today after viewing the Donald's tasteless and pointless show, and would drop dead after getting a load of Fox Noise.
    It's like the weather: give it time; it will get worse.


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