Screw Smallville

I was raised on comic book heroism.

My mother taught me to read using comic books.  I could read when I was 3 1/2 years old.

Richie Rich.  Casper.  Wendy and Little Lotta.  Archie.  Then suddenly, Batman on ABC-TV.  And Spider-Man.

I worship sequential art.

Smallville was a combinatory product of comic books and tv.  Never a perfect combination, but always the tv aspects were referential to the comic book aspects.

And the end, a decade later — tonight — was a whisper — a pale shadow of the make-believe legend.
Smallville.  What the fuck?  It took ten years to wear the suit, finally fly, and we didn’t get a clear shot of Superman in action?  Sounds like a contractual situation to me.  WB, Warner, DC — whothefuckever.  Thank you all for absolutely nothing.  Corporate Superbastards in action.  You have screwed the public.  That is, SuperScrewed.  And the entire 10 years of Smallville have been a superheroic exercise in Kryptonian masturbation.

Superman lives.  Kal-El lives.  The heroic legacy lives. 

Smallville . . . why did you waste my time?

One thought on “Screw Smallville

  1. Super dude, you missed the point. “Smallville” like “Buffy”or “101250?” or any of those other shows are for teen romantic angst. It was just this character could see through clothing (cool, the Super dude didn't know what to do with it). Besides imagine the girl who hooked-up with Superman. She'd still be walking funny. So grow up and stop watching fantasy. Get on with your country vampires and you'll be the S U P E R man.


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