The Right’s Lust for Lust

I shouldn’t be surprised about the Right’s blatant hypocrisy about the intrusion of government, but it always gets me.

I mean, from art, to books, to comic books, to movies — it’s always hate this and ban that.  The far right tried to ban nonfiction about birth control in the 1800s.  Shakespeare is still censored in today’s high school texts.  Tarzan novels were banned from several libraries in the 1930s because Tarzan and Jane weren’t married.  (Actually, they were, way back in 1913 in The Return of Tarzan.)  The ultra right tried to destroy the comic book industry in the ’50s.  And watching Elvis gyrate on “The Ed Sullivan Show” was an obscenity the cameras could not show.

With one hand — the hand the right-minded magicians want you to keep your eyes on — they point at taxes, and they wave the flag of Freeeeeeedom and proclaim at the top of their lungs, “No more government control!  Stay out of our lives!  We’re the good guys!” 
With the other hand — the hand that’s actually pulling the bait and switch, the sleight of hand you’re not supposed to see — they point at Eeeeevil books and dirty, filthy movies, and they whisper for “More government control!  We need you to control our urges!  We’re the good guys!”
Of course, their reasons are all wrapped up in the American Flag, and at the top of the flagpole is a shining, golden cross, for that conservative parade has behind it the taint of so-called morality.  Their morality.  One-sided morality.
And, of course, the Left is the bad guy — for wanting the government — all governments — to stay out of our bedrooms and our minds.
Bedroom?  The Men in Black can stay the hell out of my whole house.   The First Amendment comes first in the Bill of Rights because it is the most important — it is the single most valuable guarantee of our rights as individuals.
Groups don’t decide what we can read.  Mob-mind morality doesn’t choose what we can watch.

Stay out of my mind’s library.  I really don’t need a Big Brother.

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