Rusty’s Cocktail Sauce for Shrimp

Can you guess what I’m having tonight for dinner?
There are no measurements in this recipe — make it to your own tastes.  Just to give you an idea, though, I’ve included the way I prefer it.
• Pure horseradish  (I like a lot)
• Ketchup (about 75% of amount of horseradish)
• Worcestershire sauce (splash or two)
• Fresh lemon juice (two squeezes) 
• Your favorite hot sauce (splash it in to taste)
• Salt
• Fresh ground pepper
Mix it all up, for however many people you’re serving, and if it’s too spicy for them, add some ketchup to theirs and only theirs.  We purists like it hot.

3 thoughts on “Rusty’s Cocktail Sauce for Shrimp

  1. I'd like to see you using your recipes running a tiki bar somewhere breezy and warm — a slacker's paradise.
    Of course, you'd have to get Cliff and I to pay up on our tabs.


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