From the Outer Rim #2: Recipes Every Man Should Know

Last year, Stuff Every Man Should Know was published by Quirk Books.  It’s a slender volume of how-to articles, tips and trivia: How to Hold a Baby, Tips for the Grill, How to Read the Stock Index, Facts and Notes About Wine, Jokes for the Office, a Date, and the Kids, and Five Pick-Up Lines in Five Different Languages.

It’s a great little book — a starter for a bunch of other manly, how-to books out in bookstores, but still very cool in its own right.  However, I’m much more interested in its companion volume that just came out: Recipes Every Man Should Know.

Like its predecessor, Recipes is tiny, but it is PACKED with cool little recipes for basic foods that, well, every man should know how to cook.  A Great Cup of Joe,  Better-Than-IHOP-Pancakes, Popcorn Toppings, Bacon Brownies, Eight Essential Sandwiches, Lobster with Beer and Butter Sauce, Six Classic Cocktails, and Spaghetti and Meatballs, Sunday-Gravy Style, as inspired by the kitchen scene in The Godfather.

The recipes here aren’t only inspired choices, but they’re perfect for men who don’t have a lot of time — nor the inclination — to spend their lives in the kitchen.  They’re simple, down, dirty and delicious.  And the graphics for How to Carve a Turkey and Kitchen Tools are exactly what us neanderthal, visually-oriented dudes need.

If this primer to men’s cooking leads to other, more thorough cookbooks — such as Gentlemen, Start Your Ovens and Will Cook for Sex — then go for it.

This is a great place to start building your Man-Kitchen.  Here’s the link.

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