This Week in the Civil War

Richmond is not the only place where the War Between the States still rages.  It’s still very much alive in the New York Times.

Disunion is a new series of blogs on the NYT site, one of which is written by Jamie Malanowski.  He reports on the Civil War as it happened, one week at a time.  Here’s the first installment, which begins prior to the War with Lincoln’s election.  I intend on following the blog until the War’s conclusion in five years.  What I like is Jamie’s contemporary and fresh approach to history — and I like Jamie’s voice, as well.  He’s knowledgeable and he’s an exciting writer, as opposed to many other published historians who, frankly, should never be allowed near a keyboard.

Jamie’s also a nice guy with a great sense of humor, who I’m happy to have as a new online friend.

Go.  Read Jamie’s blog.  Experience the glorious and bloody past.

A great cover!   I told you he was funny.

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