Want to go Kayaking in the Keys?

Two of my best friends are not only internationally-known travel writers, but they’re also kayaking guides who offer beautiful tours through the crystal blue Florida Keys.

This is just one of Mary and Bill Burnham’s many travel books that you can order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble — or you can take advantage of their expertise by booking a tour with them.

Here’s a note from Mary:

A world of silent paddling amid mangrove creeks and shallow Caribbean-blue waters awaits you on a kayak adventure with Burnham Guides. Bill & Mary Burnham, authors of the award-winning Florida Keys Paddling Atlas, are your guides for overnight expeditions ranging from an island overnight along the Seven Mile Bridge, three days in the Lower Keys Backcountry, or the 100-mile Key Largo to Key West “bucket list” trip. One-day trips around the Southernmost Point in Key West are also available. This is your chance to get off U.S. 1 and immerse yourself in the fascinating environment and colorful history of this coral island chain. Kayaks, camping gear, meals and instruction included. Gift certificates available. Call 305-240-0650 or visit www.BurnhamGuides.com for details, customer reviews, and last year’s trip blogs. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/burnhamguides  

If you plan on visiting the Keys this winter, contact Mary and Bill to get the best oversea tour of the island chain.  Me?  I’d just head to Key West and throw back a few with them, then enjoy grilled dolphin at the Half Shell Raw Bar.  Either way, a trip with the Burnhams will be a great time, on the water or off.

3 thoughts on “Want to go Kayaking in the Keys?

  1. OK, Captain Steve says the Dusty Rose is ready to take us there. Oh! I get it. You don't want to go, you are promoting your friends business. Oh yeah, that's what advertising is all about. Why didn't you put a link to their website you dumquad?


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