The TRUTH about Laugh-In?

Wow!  You grow up thinking you saw it right there on tv; it was the counter culture kicking ass and shaking bikinis, saying outrageous things, and certainly apolitical (or, at the most, certainly leaning to the left).

Boy, was I too young back then or what?

Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In was a ground-breaking show — but not the way I always thought.  Read this article by a guy who was there.  Laugh-In may have been the genesis for Fox News…

The coolest comedy album of the late ’60s.  And, yes, I listened to it all the time.  Here come de judge, here come de judge…

2 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Laugh-In?

  1. Of course. If you saw it, yes there were bright colors in black and white and girls in skimpy outfits (look at the day) and semi-off color jokes, but it never crossed the line. The people who ran the shows (bow-ties as you call them) wanted profits, which meant try to get the younger audience who didn't know nothing to watch jiggly girls and fast cuts (ie. MTV). What was….is.


  2. I always wondered how authentic Laugh-In was (even at a young age, two smarmy fourth-string guys you never heard of in tuxedoes just rang a sour note to me); none of us had any idea it was not just flashier TV trash, but a secret laboratory where McLuhan media techniques were studied, refined and later brilliantly used to grow the Fox Noise monster. Hearst, Luce, Graham, Buchanan, Aisles — why have we been cursed with these soulless hucksters for so long?


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