I Guess I’m Not a NovelSnob

Why?  Because, like Jimmy says, “fiction over fact always has my vote.”

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Because I prefer King over Proust, Puzo over Tolstoy, Moorcock over Tolkien over Lewis, and Burroughs (Edgar) over Burroughs (William).

Because I prefer Batman over Salman.

Because story makes characters and writing move.

Don’t get me wrong: I love good books, good novels.  But without a good story, to me, it’s just not very good at all.

I am most definitely not a NovelSnob.  Now, I have kicked a Star Trek novel across the room because it was such a shitty book.  But reading lit-tra-toor, whose worst crime is probably boredom, and recognizing bad, awful, repellent, stinking to the moon, shitty writing, no matter whether it’s a classic or it was written in a week, are two completely different things.

I ain’t no NovelSnob.  And neither is the author of this really good blog, who has something to say about  lit-tra-toor.

The important thing?

Read.  Just read.  Whatever you like.

Fight Evil.  Read.

One thought on “I Guess I’m Not a NovelSnob

  1. Glad your headache went away. Probably too much reading. Novels, books, rags, literature…whatever you call it, some is good and some not so much, but they are all expressions of thought (like blogs only printed).They take up room on shelves and offer comfort on cold days. I get bored easily, so I wait for others to digest the words and filter through their reaction. Saves time.


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