"Diane, it’s twenty years later…"

. . . and Twin Peaks is still the most groundbreaking television show ever aired.  It raised the bar for TV drama, just like Hill Street Blues had only nine years beforehand.

Here’s a story all about Peaks 20 years later.  And a few more:

American pie

Boston Globe – Courtney Hollands – ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
What goes perfectly with the Brattle’s evening of ‘Twin Peaks’? Special Agent Dale Cooper’s favorite treat, cherry pie. By Courtney Hollands “Twin Peaks”

Still Wrapped In Plastic: ‘Twin Peaks’ Turns 20

NPR – John Powers – ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
The phrase “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” became a national obsession in 1990. Palmer, played by Sheryl Lee, was brutally murdered on the show

VHS Review: On The Air

HeyUGuys.co.uk (blog) – Craig Skinner – ‎Apr 9, 2010‎
In our continuing Twin Peaks retrospective I take a look at the David Lynch/Mark Frost helmed comedy series, On The Air. Don’t worry you read the title

“Mulholland Drive” Star Believes a David Lynch Follow-Up Is Coming

NBC Miami (blog) – Bryan Alexander – ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
Twenty years ago today David Lynch rocked television and cherry pie history with the debut of “Twin Peaks.” So being in a nostalgic state of mind,

IGN Playlist: David Lynch

IGN – Scott Collura – ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
On the occasion of Twin Peaks’ 20th anniversary, we hit “shuffle” on one of our strangest (and favorite) movie collections. by Scott Collura April 8,

Why Twin Peaks Ruled

IGN – Matt Fowler – ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
On its 20th Anniversary, IGN looks back with mega-fondness on the landmark David Lynch series. The dreams, the dwarves and the damn fine coffee. by Matt

Happy 20th Birthday, Twin Peaks

Geekosystem – Robert Quigley – ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
20 years ago to this day, ABC put a fish in America’s collective percolator by unleashing David Lynch’s weird

Wow Bob Wow!

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