Republican Ding-Dong School is Open

This isn’t about conservatives. This is about Republicans: the elected clowns in three-piece suits who dare to wear flag pins while they turn traitor against our president and our country. This is about the spoiled little brats who lost the election and who will do and say anything to insure that President Obama fails, that we hear all their lying catcalls and, with luck, fall for their infantile nyah-nyahs and beat up on the other guy like a gang of drooling bullies.

And this is about the Republicans who follow them mindlessly. Who want to see blood spilled in our political forums like it was the Springer show. Who play follow the leader blindly, believing all the while that their belief in the American Way and God will protect them as they stomp on their own sisters and brothers in the name of low taxes, states’ rights and, the holiest of holies, freedom.

Republicans have no monopoly on God, nor on every American’s Constitutional rights. Both are as much the property of Democrats, Liberals, and the United Federation of Planets as they are of anyone else, but that won’t stop the vast right-wing conspiracy from rewriting the Bible in their own image. Nor will it stop the Republitards from trying to make end-runs around the President and kow-tow to today’s would-be Castros. Nor will it stop the racial hatred, nor the childish insults and lies, and the anti-American government hatred…a government they’re part of.

It’s all the temper-tantrum behavior of spoiled brats who can’t get what they want: the return to complete and unlimited political power.

Paul Krugman gets it absolutely right in the New York Times. He knows how the 12-year olds are trying to break into daddy’s liquor cabinet and blame the other guys at the party. Joe Conason gets it right over at, where he says what no one else is saying about the Republican bullshit: “a cascade of slurs, threats and rhetorical violence that reanimates all of the worst themes of the bad old [Clinton] days.”

Just how bad are the catcalls, the insults, the slurs, the lies, the mocking, and the juvenile, incoherent hatred aimed at anyone who is not a Republican? Here. Read for yourself how the Democratic candidate for governor here in Virginia is being treated. Watch the video. Judge for yourself if children who behave like this should ever be given charge of our sandbox.

Frankly, the little bitches need to be spanked.

I’d like to say to the Republicans, “Shame on you.”

But I can face the facts.

They have no shame.

The jury is still out on their humanity.

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