If you travel around the world (and I don’t)…

This is is a hell of a list of restaurants to hit for specific items, some of which I have no freaking idea what they are.

Travel. Eat. Let me know. I’ll be at #51: Shorty’s Bar-B-Q in South Miami.

Here’s the list. And here’s Shorty’s.

2 thoughts on “If you travel around the world (and I don’t)…

  1. WTF?! Not only do the Brits have uncommonly numb taste buds, they apparently never heard of 'home kitchen advantage' OR Louisiana OR Chicago…OR Red Lion Pub (MN) which has burgers to make a cow a cannibal.
    At least 10 of these erroneous 'bests' are gimmes–Best Algerian food?…In Algeria. Hmm, maybe the best Big Mac is at McDonald's too.

    Stewing in his own juices,


  2. Still the best spots are those that the locals frequent. There is a hot dog spot in Roanoke serving all night long 5 seats at a time. Hookers, drunk rednecks, conventioneers…. doesn't matter. Learn the jargon and order up. It may not be the best chef or quality but the atmosphere makes a hot dog unforgettable.


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