Join the Cult of Drew Carey

I love great improv, and we have a short supply of it here in Richmond. That’s why I either watch “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” when it comes on cable (rarely these days) or I try and catch good performances out of town.

I’ve seen Drew Carey and his improv group live, and Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood twice, and even when some of the improv games go a little slow, they always seem to make up for the problems.

Drew Carey has his own blog now, and I have joined the Cult of Drew. He’s not only funny on stage, but he’s damned intelligent online, too. He is, actually, quite a good writer, and a thoughtful one. I appreciate that a lot.

Here’s his blog. I suggest you bookmark it and visit often. Enjoy it with a few cold beers. Drew would like that.

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