Limbaugh says Obama made Sanford Cheat

You can’t make up wingnut stuff as crazy as this. Limbaugh, who is being paid a shitload of money to spew his right-wingnut rhetoric — whether he believes it or not — said on his radio show that Obama’s mad plan to ruin the nation sent Sanford over the edge and into the arms of his Argentine mistress. Doesn’t matter that the Gov started the affair before Obama became President — it’s still Obama’s fault.

Also Obama’s fault: ecoli, hantavirus, sunspots, forest fires, crabgrass, splinters, and alien anal probing. And he made da widdle gubaner cwy!!!

Read the story — and listen to Limbaugh’s crack pipe fantasy — here.

2 thoughts on “Limbaugh says Obama made Sanford Cheat

  1. Hello Rush,

    May I just say you're right. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. The fact that the past year has seen four (?) governors fess up or screw up–some literally–only goes to show how deep the President's (who is more powerful than a governor yet remains squeaky clean & ethical) conspiracy seeps.

    Thanks for pointing out the opposite of reality,

    John Dillinger


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