For all the Ex-Times-Dispatch Employees

I’m Rusty Wornom, and by request (actually, it was the gorgeous and glorious Linda Dunham who came up with this absolutely brilliant idea), I’ve started another blog — but not for me. It’s a place where all the former RTD employees — if you so wish — can post your thoughts, experiences, articles — whatever you want. I do this because the extremely talented people who have been let go from “Virginia’s News Leader” need a venue for their voices, and Linda, in conversations with others, told me that “they need to get the word out about what they do and how good they are.” And I agree. The former staffers of the RTD are some of the most talented people I’ve ever known or worked with. And with luck and perseverance, this new blog will also show others — especially potential employers — that what we all have to say is vital and important.

Here’s the new blog.

100 of you are allowed to register at this site and become contributors/administrators, so it is my hope that we not only include former writers, but also artists, advertising people, and anyone who needs to share their thoughts or artwork — anything that allows the creative juices to flow, the words to erupt, and careers to be furthered.

Write to me or post comments. To register as a regular contributor (so you won’t have to go through me — hell, I do NOT want to be administrator!), write me and I’ll get you listed. rtdispatched(plus the AT sign)

Good luck, everyone. And spread the word — this is for you!

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