In a post from May 13, Chesterfield’s Non-IMAX Experience, I bitched about exactly that: the new Chesterfield 20’s IMAX theater is not an IMAX-sized theater.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one in the country to pay extra for the super-sized IMAX experience, only to realized we’d been duped. It appears IMAX is only sometimes IMAX; I mean, it’s always IMAX, but all IMAXs are not the same as other IMAXs. Get it?

A website,, has sprung up to identify which screens are “real Imax” and which are “fake Imax.”

Well, enough people have vented to the IMAX suits, and Variety has an article all about it. Let’s see how they’re gonna spin this one. I, for one, will never again pay extra for an IMAX movie unless I know for sure the screen is 75 feet tall.

Bigger is DAMN better.

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