Star Trek Lives

It’s a winner. As a certified Trek fan since the show was first telecast on NBC, this is massive. It’s a game changer.

And it’s good.

Purists may hate it, for many reasons: it creates an alternate and non-canon timeline that changes a great many established things in the Star Trek universe; it destroys — literally — a great many things that Trekkers hold dear; and, most importantly, it’s not very smart.

Sure, it’s a clever movie, and fun. It’s a thrill ride — exactly the injection of energy that the Star Trek franchise desperately needed.

But it isn’t intelligent at all. It’s pretty well thought out, but there is one big plot hole about the time traveling thing. No spoilers here — go see it, and we’ll talk in private.

The most interesting thing to both my wife and me is that the least interesting character in the movie is James Kirk. He could possibly be the (actor) character that most young moviegoers will respond to, but the characters that resonated were, finally, the supporting members of the Enterprise command crew. The new Uhura is beautiful and romantic (and her first name is finally established); Sulu kicks ass; Chekov is a 17-year old genius; Spock is portrayed naively and sweetly by Heroes‘ Zachary Quinto; but it’s Karl Urban as McCoy and Simon Pegg as Scotty who steal the show with their dead-on interpretations of the original incarnations.

So: I’ll watch it again on DVD with the extras. Good, exciting, fun, but not as intelligent as Star Trek: the Motion Picture, nor as engaging as The Wrath of Khan.

It’s not Roddenberry’s Trek. It’s Trek for the 21st century.

But damn, Star Trek is back. And like we said in the early ’70s:

One thought on “Star Trek Lives

  1. Get a life. It’s a space story which neither one of us will ever see, thought they shot Scotty into space with out McIver scarf. Nice review and I can’t wait to see it (and hear it since music is a big part of the drama).


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