They’re Interviewing ME???

Somehow my posts about the decline of the metropolitan newspaper industry have gotten the attention of a podcaster in San Diego.

Tall Tale Radio, a website and a podcast, will be interviewing me Thursday morning, primarily about the sorry and worsening state of newspapers across the country, but perhaps also about writing, science fiction and fantasy, comic books, and whatever else host and bon vivant Tom Racine wants to discuss.

I’m not sure when the podcast will be available, but it should be online in relatively short order (unless I use too many expletives and a lot of editing has to be done).

Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “They’re Interviewing ME???

  1. Dude,

    This is a Kevin Bacon thing. Darin knows Tom & referred Tom to me for art-work I needed, SO obviously when Zachary Quinto heard you mentioned him in your ST review, it became clear that he told his best friend Rachel Ray, who learned what she knew about cooking from Maria (the Goddess) & the rest is Mystery!


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