UPDATED: The Truth about the Tea Parties

On the heels of my first post today, here is an enlightening series of photos from the Washington DC “Tea Party,” which was supposed to be all about “the people” revolting against Obama’s tax policies.

Well, the people are certainly revolting.

Please observe from the photo evidence that these rallies across the country, not promoted by Fox News, have far less to do about protesting Obama’s taxes than they do about protesting Obama, the man.

Conservatives are afraid of him, because he’s a Democrat, he’s a strong man, and he’s black. They’re more afraid of him than they were either of the two Clintons.

It’s all about fear, and Obama is a symbol. They’re afraid because he stands for something, chief among them: the conservatives are not in control.

What’s the right wing going to do, eight years from now, if Obama’s policies truly work? I just don’t think they’ll say, “We got it all wrong. Our bad.”

Nope. I think they’ll be madder because they’ll be proven wrong — just look at how mad they are because they lost the election.

I think they’ll just keep trying to force their agenda for control of America down our throats. I think they’ll hide behind God and the flag and the lies of higher taxes, socialism, fascism, and anti-Americanism.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Truth and freedom, however, are not promoted by Fox News.

UPDATE: I just found this essay about an hour after I posted my blog, and I urge you to read it. The writer comes to the same conclusions I do, but this guy is much smarter. Read it here.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Truth about the Tea Parties

  1. Rus, I think “Agenda” for control is a bit generous. Assessment, plans, rationalism, linearity, patience all hold no attraction for Bread and Circus fans. I tell my favorite granny not to worry: <>Remember the craziness before the crash–men drinking champagne out of girls’ shoes, lighting cigars with 20s? It always gets noisiest and most ridiculous right before bad ideas die their rightful death. These people know there’s no lock on virtue on their side, like with Sarah Palin and her troubles. They just sense that their favorite myths are dying– the party’s over and they’re afraid of a future that’s already here. They’re afraid and confused and sad, and so they scream and flail. Kind of like an unswaddled baby.<>I think that last line was analogy enough. She smiled, anyway.


  2. Mark, I think you are quite correct. On the other hand, I think the conservative movement has made it clear they believe themselves to be far more virtuous than those who have not been born again, than those who do not watch Glenn Beck, than poor people, than scientists, and than any single Democrat.

    This is just one reason why they, ultimately, will fail: pride does goeth before the fall.


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