Coleen Doran

I haven’t seen Colleen Doran in ages — well, since I stopped going to comic book and fantasy conventions because they got so expensive — so when a mutual friend mentioned that he had spoken with her at the New York Comicon last month, I found her on Facebook and we’ve renewed our friendship.

Colleen is a wondrous artist of comic books and illustration, and I suggest you go to her website and investigate for yourself the realms of wonder which she creates. Her resume is long and varied, perhaps capped by her own creative visions in the 1000+ page epic she draws and writes, A Distant Soil.

In a recent blog post about Write Now, a magazine for aspiring comic book writers that will soon cease publication, Colleen was kind enough to mention me and this blog and my posts about the death of print. While I will not go so far as to say all forms of print are dying, this economy is certainly having a terrifying impact on print, especially periodicals of all forms. Comic books, however, are actually showing growth; which adds credence to my argument that, for a periodical to be successful today, it must find its niche audience and cater to it, constantly surprising and amazing its readers, and growing with the times.

Thanks for the nice words, Colleen. Stay in touch!

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