3 cool things online

1. You’re at a party or some business function. There’s somebody to whom you want to give your business card, but you left them all at the office or — worse — you’re a non-print cyberguru who wouldn’t dream of handing out rectangles of old-fashioned card stock and ink.

What do you do?

Well, you can sign up online at Contxts. There you fill out all the contact info you want people to have and you choose a username.

Later, when you’re schmoozing at Delux or Havana ’59 and want somebody to have your phone numbers and website URL, you tell them, “Open your cellphone and send a text message to 50500. The message you type in is _________ (your username).” In a minute, a new text message, containing all your contact info, will arrive in your new friend’s phone, which they will then either save or transfer to their address book (unless they think you’re an idiot, and they’ll delete it when they get home).

I think this is a great way to get people to save your information instantly.

2. I’ve used Macs since 1986 and I will never use any other computer (at least at home). However, my Mac is a dinosaur — an iMac from 1999 — and I’m running OSX.2. Well there’s a cool new word processor available at Bean-OSX. I can’t run it yet because my system needs some serious upgrading (hell, I need a new computer), but it looks great, really efficient — fun, even — and a lot better than Microsoft Word. And it’s free.

Let me know how it is.

3. Because of my system limitations, including a 1999 drive that doesn’t recognize CD-R disks, I took a disk to the Innsbrook library Monday and tried to email some documents to myself, which I would later email to a potential employer.

The disk ran perfectly, but the computer’s email function wasn’t working. How to get those documents to the guy who interviewed me?

Savefile saved the day. It’s a free service online where you can upload documents up to 100MB. Write down the link provided when each download is finished, and your document is there when you — or someone else — needs it. Here, I’ve uploaded a sample image for you to test out: http://www.savefile.com/files/2044062

If you got the image, you know just how simple Savefile is — and functional, too.

Welcome to the 21st Century! I finally have my Star Trek communicator — it’s called an iPhone! And I’ll be first in line when they finally invent a flying car!

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