The bastards are lying to us again

The Republitards want us to believe the big lie that President Obama is a socialist. He’s nowhere near that, and most of America knows it. Even the quote below, from a conservative think-tank, presents the facts and effectively denies their partisan claims. Here’s a good piece about how we, as Americans, are being played by the right-wing sore losers.

…according to Brian Reidl of the Heritage Foundation, Obama’s budget would increase government spending from 20 percent of GDP to 22 percent. Is it really possible that a society is capitalist when government spending represents 20 percent of GDP–but socialist at 22 percent?

2 thoughts on “The bastards are lying to us again

  1. Aargh! I NEVER see clear, truthful analyses like this in newspapers and magazines. Even NEWSWEEK’s last issue contained a couple of conservative attacks on everything, that were nothing but spin and obviously untrue assertions. Our paper runs George Will, Thomas Sowell and Cal Thomas. The usual suspects in the letters to the editor are always pushing a medieval religious hell as what society should be. How many people read The New Republic??Aargh.


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