Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Transcript

Retro poster by Eric Tan (here’s his blog)

Go now before someone takes it offline! Follow this link to the blog of a writer in Hollywood. He’s got a post analyzing the transcript of the 1978 four-day conference between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan as together they hammered out the story and characters of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Near the top is a link to the transcript itself (.pdf).

Hurry! It’s a fascinating study of filmmaking in the Star Wars era.

One thought on “Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Transcript

  1. And so we roll through the thoughts of the day. Times past with deco posters, republicans clowns, Florida dreams, and Buffet’s made a bunch of money off these forgettable lines and simple chords. But your animals are well and you are broke. See you for a brew and a laugh.


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