Huh? Someone agrees with me about newspapers?

I have to take my politics one small dose at a time. So when I get tired of all the Republitard zombies, shambling around, mindlessly trying to retake control not only of Washington but of our individual rights — and our wallets — I turn to sites like Think Progress and balance everything out.


Think Progress’s Matt Yglesias agrees with me in this news report and sound bite. Today’s old-fashioned paper — virtually unchanged for more than a hundred years — doesn’t make a lot of sense in contemporary America. No matter how much I love the newspaper, the concept is no longer sustainable:

A newspaper is something much more than a just a venue for producing hard news stories. It’s a physical bundle of paper that bundles together stories of all different kinds: weather reports, sports coverage, arts, book reviews movie reviews. And there’s a particular logic to assembling that kind of bundle, but its an economic logic that has to do with the economics of printing and distributing pieces of paper and its not a logic that really makes sense in the present world.

I, personally, try not to argue with logic.

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