Chew on THIS, Obama!

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From the Things You Haven’t Seen Before files: a portrait of President Barack Obama that’s made of 12,784 gumballs. Artist Franz Spohn plus volunteers in Ohio created the portrait Monday, and it eventually will tour through Ripley’s Believe It or Not museums (after a brief stay in Orlando at the Ripley warehouse). An exact schedule has not been determined, but we’ll post again when it’s scheduled to appear at the International Drive location.

Spohn uses computer technology to design the art — each gumball breaks down as a pixel. Volunteers put gumballs into clear tubes which are mounted into place. Spohn has similar portraits under his belt — of Robert Ripley, actor Dean Cain and Michael Jackson, which are on display at Ripley museums worldwide.

I’ve got nothing of significance to add, except this was printed in the
Orlando Sentinel.

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