Big freakin book

Of interest over at i09, a great blog all about things science fictiony, is this article about why SF and fantasy novels have become longer over the the last forty years or so. Of even more interest to me is the accompanying photo:

Maybe it’s a throwback to when I started reading comics, and Batman and Robin would fight the Joker or the Riddler while performing an acrobatic ballet across typewriters the size of houses, or throw a hoodlum into a human sized blender; but I love the idea of giant books that one could just step into and enter worlds of wonder…

If you have any idea where this photo was taken, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Big freakin book

  1. First of all, you ignore Roddy McDowell as The Bookworm and his giant book-press! Second, you pass the obvious ‘Large Print Festival’ exhibit. Finally, I’m too exhausted from picking up a SciFi collection bigger than my head.


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