The Novel in Progress

September became October, and October has become…January…

Bad news: my agent has been laid up with a nasty jaw infection for the last month, so she’s not going to send the novel out to editors until January.

Good news: she doesn’t think it’s going to need anything but some minor rewrites, and once I do those, the ms. will be sent to NY. She’s already got five or six editors expecting the book, so I am, very obviously, sweating hopefully.

That’s the latest update. In the meantime, I’ve begun the first story for Book II: “The Secret of Grisley Swamp.”

I promise not to include the line, “I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t a’been for you meddlin’ kids!”

4 thoughts on “The Novel in Progress

  1. Now what would those medlin kids be doing in the swamp?
    Grin and bear the wait. Hope it turns out OhKayPooDee.
    Now here’s a challenge!!
    How do you make a “musical blog”?

    Oh, stop Maria. I can’t concentrate when you are doing that.

    See you tomorrow night.

    Stop it you wild ……..


  2. Heya

    Frankly I think you need a YouTube clip teasing the novel (and editors). Perhaps dressing up the pets as main characters and using a couple puppeteers you know to do the voiceovers?
    “Not tonight, Ashton, I have fleas.”



  3. Every year I suffer from an enormous letdown after Christmas time. Now, after the holiday giddiness has subsided, I will have something really exciting to look forward to — news of the publication of your book! Just hang in there. I sense great things ahead!



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