The View from Scenic Cayo Arcana

For those of you keeping score…

My agent called me last week, prior to a long trip to the west coast. When she returns to Cambridge, she will read my manuscript — again — and let me know if she thinks it will need changes. She knows how much I have polished it for her already, including splitting one big, big book into a trilogy, and she told me she was pretty confident it wouldn’t need a lot of fixing.

She expects to start sending it to publishers in October — and just in time, too, for a sale would make a great Halloween present for Rusty.

Note to self: stop speaking about myself in the third person…

3 thoughts on “The View from Scenic Cayo Arcana

  1. We’ll be waiting eagerly to hear what develops. We know how much we’ve enjoyed the exploits of the Enigmen (and women). We believe your yarns are just what the jaded electorate needs to wake them up. Waiting for the rest of the refined reading public to discover and peruse your opus is more difficult by far than waiting for Barrack Obama to be elected president. We are rooting for the Enigma Club to go all the way!


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